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The best

Simply the best app,camera,thermostat ever!!!!


Excellent thermostat et appli


Wheres brasil time???

It really takes just a minute!

Simple and fast! Good choice!

Problem in best cam

I cant switch between cameras.

Other Countries

Doesnt support countries from South America


Easy tô install! Works really good

Hidden fees

This app is listed as free but I was billed for it, without even receiving a popup or any information of its price nor that it was paid. Apple support ignores it. Dont install.

Nest Cam - 10Mbit Upload and no live Video

Live video is just black and loading endlessly, cam LED is green, this is not the intuitive Product I expected, this is crap. Absolute crap.


Crashes often with iOS 9. Turning off the green status light means that the light when someone is watching is not working even when its turned on.

What about Germany

When will Nest Support the German Language?

Very Bad!!!!

Very bad


Great security item for all situations.

Great support

App is solid. More importantly, overall customer support is great.

Absolute garbage—run; dont walk!

When Nest (AKA Google) purchased Dropcam, my 3 Dropcams became useless paperweights. The Nest app is pure crap! It has eliminated most of the functionality of my Dropcams—it constantly loses the connection to my cameras; imposed a default setting (Auto) that effectively downgraded my resolution from 1080p to 720p; and has degraded the night vision image quality to a muddy, grey, blur. Moreover, at least the top 1/3 of the home screen is occupied by the Nest logo and the local temperature—forcing me to scroll down to view my 3rd camera. I dont need Nest to tell me about the #%!% weather! And as if I would trust any data they provide. They cant even manage their core business. They bought a great company (Dropcam) with great products; added $100 to the price of the cameras; removed any semblance of tech support / customer service; downgraded the available bandwidth; shoved their garbage app (complete with advertising for their cloud recording plan) down our throats; and left us all to twist in the wind. HATE NEST! HATE GOOGLE! A POX ON YOUR HOUSE!!!

New version sucks !

Latest version is very buggy. First of all it takes forever to load and more importantly I place the temperature to 19 Celsius and it starts warming the house when it is already 21 Celsius inside the home ? Ps support HomeKit !!!

Features fit none

Intelligent notifications are useless since you cant filter on them, they just a different label on the notification, no "only notify if you see someone" (I have a dog so cant use any notifications). Geolocation can only be used to turn on or off the entire camera, no "turn off notifications when Im home but keep the camera online at all times". Worst of all tech support doesnt even know these limitations exist.

Its ok

Its ok at times. May be better out there.

Doesnt work on my Iphone6

Im using Iphone 6. After upgrad to this latest version, I cant even control my thermo. It only shows home and away. No temperature, nothing!


So far so good. I did not update my OS. In Energy history it would be nice to see each days high and low temperatures saved as well. (Maybe below the date..)

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