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Zone and iPhone notifications

What I had to do was delete zone and then set zone, I was trying to edit the zone and notifications were dropping down and not letting you move round zone controls on top of screen. Little problem if you have notifications on with iPhone that tab on phone pulls down when trying to set zones at top of screen

App currently just ok for use for Baby/toddler Monitor

This app worked ok for us up until the last few months. We use it for our baby monitor Currently in our toddler’s room, and use the microphone feature to talk to him to comfort him and tell him to lay down for his naps and at bedtime. Recently the microphone does not really work from my phone/app even just down the hallway from my bedroom out in the next room (living room). Also, the notifications come only for movements part of the time and I think rarely if ever for noise, which would be most important so we can be notified if he’s crying while we are sleeping or can’t hear from another area of the house. Would appreciate if the app was updated and worked more efficiently especially as we just bought another camera to use as a baby monitor for my newborn once she starts sleeping in her own room.


We have ten indoor and outdoor cameras and one of the first things I noticed was the cameras kept dropping out - of course we turn our vengeance out on Nest when in fact it wasn’t Nest at all - it was a terrible router and the location of the routers in our home and business - I contacted Comcast and they have a new upgrade router with a $119.00 mesh system for complete power and range - Moral; invest in a mesh system and the problems completely stopped,

The previous version was slow, but worked

The latest version does not work on om iPhone any more. This app was always very slow, now its useless. This was a better product before Google bought it.

Rotation problem

My application doesn’t give me the option to rotate the image. My friend who has the exact same camera and app has the option. His phone is android and mine is apple. Until this is is fixed I give 1 star rating.

Used to be awesome

Spent over an hour on the phone with a nest representative last night and still couldn’t get it to work . When I first purchased my four cameras 3 years ago they worked flawlessly. Now I can’t get them to record anything . I don’t know what happened to this company but it’s not the same now it’s a big joke .. go elsewhere i am .

No Sound

The app has lost its sound for the entire night and I wanted to hear what was going on last night because we are missing a couple of things from our garage.

Can’t even login

Ever since the last update, can’t even login anymore. Just says nest app had trouble communicating. Try again. It’s not my network connection because everything else works. Useless...

Video never loads

Video never loads. It hasn’t worked for the past year - nest keeps releasing new products but doesn’t care about its past customers.

Total Junk!!

Always buffering and that is when camera is not offline. As reliable as a rain dance. Have called support. They say it is my Internet. My 1 gig Internet is flawless. NEVER any issues with other applications or hardware. Just Nest.

Love Nest thermostats

Of all the home automation products we’ve purchased over the years, our Nest thermostats have been the best. The only major complaint I have is that they used to work much better with Apple products (Siri, Apple Watch, HomeKit) before the big sell out, and is why we won’t try Nest cameras, doorbells, etc. Other than that, the app functionality has been hands down the BEST of any of our other home automation systems. Easy to control at home and while traveling, and the app developers work very quickly to fix bugs.

Doorbell Playback Doesn’t Work

Even though internet connection is excellent, video playback does not work. When you click on the video thumbnail you want to review, playback does not work. It is frozen on the image thumbnail. Frustrating! Especially when you get an alert but all the image shows is the front door so you can’t see who came and went 😤


The last update broke the app! Cant use it for more than 2 minutes before crashing!!

Nest (Google) Wins, Users Lose

How many of you Nest thermostat users are aware that Nest (Google) receives compensation from your power company for your energy savings, whether or not you yourself are compensated and without your knowledge? I know that because my latest generation Nest is so out-of-my-control, I used my precious spare time to do some research. Nest worked great until Google bought it and turned it in to a money-making machine. All of a sudden, it was like my Nest had a mind of it's own. My carefully selected auto-away and eco settings were ignored. My daily schedule was ignored. And my house was often freezing in the winter and too hot in the summer. I'd check my settings and, depending on the software build, they would be as I set them but ignored or set to something completely different. It happened more and more often and after a year or 2 of this I shut off all "smart" settings, set my schedule, and wondered why I ever replaced my old programmable thermostat. That worked for awhile, but Google just couldn't leave my thermostat alone. Now the Nest regularly ignores my schedule until I notice how flipping hot or cold I am and manually adjust the temperature. Sometimes it deletes my schedule completely. Also, neither the Nest Thermostat nor the iOS app show the actual indoor temperature alongside the set temperature, in hopes I won’t notice the thing has gone rogue. I am just one of thousands of Nest users complaining that the Nest app doesn’t work. Guess what? The app works perfectly! For Nest (Google)! Nest is paid by power companies to reduce energy use in targeted areas or populations. If, in the aggregate, user settings don’t meet energy reduction targets, Nest has the ability to override user settings until it meets those targets. Does Nest do this? I leave it to you to decide. My next step is filing complaints with the Governor’s office, my State Representative, and the Public Utility Commission. You can do the same. Next step— class action lawsuit anyone?

So far....verdict is terrible.

Looks like a great idea. Easy set up. BUT - doesn’t work as advertised. Poor execution. Great to see the cameras when I open the app - but alerts stopped sending. I’d have no idea if someone was breaking in unless I literally sat and watched the cameras 24/7 myself. Looks like I’ll be returning my $400 purchase and continue look for a working product. I give it a star and a half for ease of setup - but that’s it. #FAIL


I have deleted it. Reinstalled it. Updated it. It just crashes. E. V. E. R. Y. S. I. N. G. L. E. T. I. M. E.


The app doesn’t save all of the alarms that I get. Only about 1/5 of them are in the video history. I deleted the app and downloaded it again and I still have the same issue. Additionally, you have got to pay nest 100$ a year for their aware service to save ANY history on of the camera. It is a dirty trick that I wish I knew about before purchasing such expensive cameras.


Works GREAT with my Nest Tstats!!

One year in an garbage

I’ve had my nest for a little over a year and now it doesn’t stayed powered up or connected to the WiFi for more then a day at a time. Nest app support is garbage and to get someone on the phone takes forever.

Lag, slow to load, constant green screen

Expensive product that has nice features if they actually worked.

Nest sxcks since Google bought-out.

Confusing menu. Useless setting that complicate life. Hypocrite.

303 MB Bloated App

Dan doesn't think a simple Nest app needs to be over 300 MB. Keep the app simple and small like it used to be.

Pretty good but loads slowly

I use the app with a dropcam and a nest cam and have no problems with video playback, but both are on 175mbit connections. My main complaint is that this is the slowest loading app of any other of the hundred or so apps I have. It common for it to take 5-7 seconds to load the current temperature.

New update broke the app??

I had the eco temperatures set on my thermostat while I was at work, and the highest temperature my house is able to hit before it starts to co itself off is 76 degrees. The thermostat didn’t kick in at all to cool the house down, and now my house is at 85 degrees!!

My rating is specifically for the Nest thermostat - good app

The app works very well for me as far as our Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd generation. I love how easy it is to program the schedule! I also like being able to adjust remotely. One thing I would really like changed in the app is for it to ALWAYS show the current indoor temperature. Currently, it seems like if the current temperature only differs from the thermostat temperature by one degree or less, then it doesn’t show the numeric value of the temperature - just the tick mark difference on the graphic. I really want it to always show both the thermostat setting and the current temperature with numeric values even if they are the same or close. I really love that the iPhone app has a corresponding Apple Watch app! I use this all the time. I do wish that it provided a watch complication for easier access.

Update after update, year after year

And the same list of problems never gets corrected - perhaps some day they will stop having middle school kids update their app.

Missing big with no HomeKit support

Need to add Home kit support nest

So far so good

Been using two 3rd gen thermostats, a temp sensor, and doorbell for about a month now. No issues with the app like 95% of others talk about. Works great for me. Thermostats are learning good even with manual temp changes. Temp is generally right on point when we go to bed. We use early on, but not eco mode. We do have 2 zones and set the upstairs accordingly during the day when no one is up there. Do the same with downstairs at night time. Satisfied with purchase at the moment, even though they are a bit pricey, even with the $50 off sale.

Works Absolutely Excellent!

I have owned the Nest first generation thermostat from the day that I put it in, the device along with the app on my IPhone 6S+ have worked FLAWLESSLY, along with the Alexa skill which works equally as well. With the new update, you can now see the inside humidity and the outside temperature, which is great! All of the programming to my thermostat is done directly from the app. I am 100% satisfied with this thermostat, the app, and the Alexa Skill. Over the year that I have owned it, I have saved a TON of money on my electric bill! Best investment I ever made! App is terrific and keeps getting better. Highly recommended!

Energy Rush is a safety nightmare!!!

I know there may be those who may dispute this, but I don’t care how much this bogus plan is claiming to save me for using less energy during peak hours, I am about to unenroll from it permanently if you don’t give me more flexibility during these times, as while I don’t like my house being 80f when it’s almost more than that outside already in the daytime right now, as I write this it’s 77f outside, and I don’t think it is appropriate at to ask your customers to let their homes get this hot without notify them explicitly ahead of time, like at the very least, the day before. This will still not fix the main problem I have with this but it’s better than nothing. For example, my dog does not do well at all when the temps are above 78 degrees inside for long periods of time, and before disabling Energy Rush today my House was 80f inside on energy rush and it’s cooler outside right now. I know this may not seem like a huge problem, but energy rush should have in big bold print somewhere your customers can see it, that every time it’s on, both you the people around you, and your animals will be put through completely unnecessary heat, as what’s the point of a smart thermostat if not to avoid this specific situation, in order for you to save a little money on your power bill which is already grossly overpriced anyways. Yes, I know you can opt out of energy rush, but that isn’t my point, you are not representing the service being provided well, and you are not giving the customer an option to still use energy rush, but maybe not save as much money on their bill with the power company by making the house a tolerable temperature, which required me setting auto mode cool a wapping 2 degrees cooler today, but forced me to opt out for today, which just scares people into keeping it on all the time, but makes people constantly want to abandon the program which at its heart, i thought is to encourage people to want to save energy and be responsible, which may scare some people into staying and tolerating bad conditions at home, but I’m getting tired of putting myself through this as it’s not good for my blood sugar to run this hot for long periods of time in doors, or my dog’s overall well-being either. What happens if I don’t pay very close attention and I somehow got stuck onsite at work and it’s 80 degrees and can’t check the nest app for a long period of time because I’m tied up with other stuff. That could potentially end up be and awful sight to come home to an an animal or even elderly people who dies of heat exhaustion, and I’m not just referring to my specific circumstances here. I hope you can see the bigger picture here. Fix this now please. My personal recommendation, if you want it, is set the max temp that that the thermostat attempts to keep the house at while the thermostat is in auto mode and on energy rush mode, to less than 80. Maybe a range from 76-78, but 80 is ridiculous, as I know almost no human or dog, who would be comfortable at that temperature indoors for more than a very short period of time. This is not a benefit to people, more so a gimmick in its current form. It would not be too far fetch to think the power companies and Google/Nest have a deal that’s lucrative for them, but this could also be a design oversight by you guys at Nest that I would highly recommend fixing before it’s hurts someone or animal. This is a small software update at most. Please!!! Thank you!!!

Can no longer save clips from cameras.

Every time they upgrade, they take more and more features away. If they want to add something new, fine, but not at the cost of removing features already in the app.

Does this app even work on Apple Watch?

I mean it loads onto the watch, but does it do anything? I just get a nest symbol with a meter around it then it crashes...every time.


Love using the nest app for controlling the temperature on my thermostat. I no longer have to get up from bed in the middle of the night to turn it off or on, I simply control it from my phone 😊

It was awesome a few months ago but then went downhill

When we first got the camera we could see a lot of what was going on and now the app seems to not really show what it was designed for. Disappointing to say the least.

I would expect more from Google!

If I was a google CEO I would pool all this camera of shelves. Very buggy app, very delayed notifications, takes forever to load. I have 1Gbps internet, WiFi (Orbi) speed about 700 down & 50 up, which is plenty. Not very intuitive app. I spent $1400 for my house set up.... I’m now considering to return it.

Nest fails

Seems that Nest no longer recognizes DropCam Pro cameras. Camera comes on whenever it wants and continually sends messages of activity even though i’m home and the home/away assist has been set. Can’t even delete the app to start over. Unplugging the cameras. Guess if someone sneaks in I won’t have a picture.

Missing Apple HomeKit!!

Beautiful and outstanding product. Never head any issues except my smoke detectors falling from my network! Now one thing that is annoying is that my t-stat is changing air temp set point? I set it for 80 and I get cold...I check the app and the thermostat is set to 76 °F!? Also -2 stars low because NEST will never accept to integrate NEST with Apple HomeKit! Why...hope that NEST crew will let us know! Till then I am stoping buying anything from NEST or any PRODUCTS that is not HoneKit compatible :/

Why 200mg

The app works well with my two thermostats, but why is the app so big? I suggest having an app for thermostat users only if they have no other Nest products.

Needs visual updates

I wish the actual room temperature was larger in the app so that I could just see how hot or cold it is.

Keeps Getting Better!

The more I can control directly on my iPhone the better. Thanks for the update.

Love nest

We have the doorbell, theromstat and four indoor cameras. They work flawlessly and i have never had an issue with the app... am a little surprised by the low ratings as i would recommend nestb to anyone. I wish i had the outdoor cameras... just too dumb to know how to install them without them looking know what.

Who is operating this thing

Waking up to a sweltering house now. Does nest even read their wine product reviews? Or just post fake ones? I am about ready to dump the nest. The creators don’t care about the feed back and the app has a mind of it’s own.

Lowering stars to two for the following ...

07/09/18 I am a longtime Nest customer (various devices.) Upgraded the Nest Themostat to Gen 3 w/ extra sensor... and... 1) The new touch dial is now so hard to use you will find yourself wanting to jump out a window- so much harder than the older versions folrom years back. HOURS to get this device to connect to my hi one network. 2) Unable to get the extra sensor added. Cera not picking up q-code. Either q-code. Spent an hour waiting for chat support, who added no value and chat disconnected. Phone call after which I gave up an hour into the prescordededdages. 3) One of the errors states the sensor can not be added until nest O's has been upgraded. No

App Not Working Like It Use To

This app use to work perfectly, up until a week ago. I found myself resetting and restarting my network, at least 2x a day, just for this app to go back online. After about an hour, it would freeze and I wouldn’t be able to adjust the temperature using the dial on the app or it would just go completely offline. I also never saw once that the eco setting adjusted when I left my apartment.

Frequently doesn’t work

I have two nest thermostats. During the day I change the temp a lot or turn them off when we are arriving home. Frequently the app doesn’t work even when I’m sitting at home. It doesn’t matter if I’m on WiFi or lte.

Great app, but would be nice to have Thermostat widget?

Love the app! One suggestion... would it be possible to add a thermostat widget so I can quickly see the temperature of all my sensors?


The Nest thermostat is NOT worth the money or the headaches we’ve had with it. Thus the app is rated just as low. Would give it zero stars if an option!!

Nest thermostats

I used to love nest app. I can remotely turn the ac on n off. I have no idea what happen. The network is constantly show offline when my nest is connected online. This app has gone waaay down hill. I had this unit since 2013 and never has any issue till this year. Nest what is going on?? Do i need to move on to ecobee???


I only use this app to remotely control a second gen Nest Thermostat. With the latest update, they broke the app for me. Not only can’t I use it for any purpose whatsoever and the only screen that appears is totally unresponsive to any touch input whatsoever.

Used to be great...

...until it became Nest. Now it’s crap. Spotty functionality at best.

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