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Used to work great....

Used to work great until iOS 12 was released. No longer loads.

Application Doesn’t Work

Updated to iOS 12 now the app doesn’t do anything. Nest icon shows and a progress circle revolves around the icon but nothing happens.

Nest Quit Working after Installing IOS 12.

After upgrading to 12, all I get is a circle running around house when starting Nest app, worked fine before upgrading to 12.

Bad update

App has stopped working since update

iOS 12 issues

Latest release as of today doesn’t seem to work. Still not working with iOS 12 with latest release.


The app won’t open at all now. Need update ASAP

Nest Hello notification delay

Guys on your community forums are many threads about the wait time of a ring and an actual notification on your device. We are talking about 10 to 20s. Enough time for the visitor to turn around and leave because no one answer.

Doesn’t work after update

The app was slow before but now the app won’t launch at all after update it stays in the loading page

Apple Watch app neve works

The phone app works OK but the app on the Apple watch absolutely never connects. For a tech company, you'd think Nest could do better developing an app 😡

Update 9-21-18

Update broke app! The app will no longer load, plus my phone is no longer recognized to turn off AWAY mode. Everything used to be seamless. Will turn back to 5 stars after fixed!

App stopped working

App no longer works. Won’t even log in - it just spins

Need to delete

Ios12 breaks it. Wouldn’t connect until delete and reinstall.

Bad update

Latest update, results in failure to load

App stopped working when iOS 12 was installed

This app used to work perfectly. After installing iOS 12, I can’t get the app to load. All I see is a ring circling around the house logo. The app ends up timing out and will not load.

Nest thermostat

Love this thermostat. One major issue that makes me want to install my old thermostat is that you can’t see current temp and set temps. You have to change the setting and then your unit comes on and all you wanted to know is what the current temp is! Poor design that could be fixed with a simple update!!

App no longer works

I just get a spinning circle. No function whatsoever

Non stop spinning!

I just updated to new version and my application stopped working! Keeps spinning for hours! My wife’s app is still old version and works well. Tried everything from restarting WiFi, nest, router nothing works! Don’t want to reset Nest, get your things together!

Does not work

As of the last update from two days ago the app doesn't work anymore. When you opened it the circle just spins. I've deleted and reinstalled and still does not work.

App doesn’t work with iOS 12

Looks like the app wasn’t tested at all, completely unusable in iOS 12

Not even starting up - update broke app

The Nest app hasn’t been working all day. There’s just a constant spinning home logo which is the app’s boot up sequence and it would stay like that until I give up and leave the app. It used to take seconds before and since the update it now spins indefinitely. Whether I’m on WiFi or cellular doesn’t make the difference and it is clearly an issue with the app as the update broke it. What’s the point of paying for such expensive devices if you can’t even control them with their own app.

Doesn’t work on iOS 12

Do not update if you are on iOS 12

Faulty update does not connect to thermostats

This app update does not connect to my home thermostats. The status ring around the home icon simply spins until it times out or until I force quit the app from the multitasking cards view. I’m able to connect via the nest website, fortunately. Before submitting this review, I contacted Nest support to report the issue. The rep recommended that I perform the same troubleshooting steps I’d already described in my report and offered no other assistance.

Doesn’t work with new Apple Watch Series 4

Installed from scratch, even uninstalled and reinstalled. Keeps saying “Cannot contact iPhone”. Lame. Guess I’ll keep using it from my phone. A fix would be great though.

It’s junk.

App stopped working after update. Won’t even log in to account.

Update broken

Spinning circle with iOS 12 update.

No sirve

Tengo el Apple Watch Series 4 y no quiere abrir la aplicación para nada

Delete & Reinstall

Before you give up on Nest supporting iOS 12, do try deleting the app & reinstall. It worked for me & I’m feeling quite comfortable back in my nest (product).

iOS 12

Uninstall the app and reinstall - everything works after a reinstall.

Update killed app

Updated to 5.28.0, now the app doesn't open.

Doesn’t work

It just spins. Nothing happens. What happened? Fix it!!!


Tried setting up nest cam. Impossible instructions. Does google really own this product. It’s at the same level as apple’s first navigation app.

Can even set up an account

I got this camera as a gift and I try to set it up but can’t. Send verification email then try to sign in and it goes oops we had an error! Beyond frustrating! You guys should be working OT to get this fix but no address to any of your users. Bad form


Broken app. As soon as I can replace my nest I will.

App no longer opens

I love my Nest thermostat, but the app won't open since I upgraded to iOS 12

Great thermostat

Easy to install, app is intuitive and customer service is prompt to respond

Very poor automatic temperature system

The app is supposed to work so when no mobile phones are home it switches to eco to save power. Works maybe 50% of the time at best. Called to have problem solved and even with a tech manager they cannot solve the problem on multiple calls. They say nothing wrong with app or unit.

Update broken on iPhone

Latest update nothing but spinning circle on iPhone. Same update works fine on iPad. What kind of programming genius doesn’t put a time limit on a function to succeed before declaring an error? Anyway quality control took a break on this release.

Doesn’t Load after update

on iPhone X, Nest app will not load after update. I’ve tried restarting the phone and closing/reopening and nothing appears to fix... just spins endlessly when opened.

iPad won’t connect since update

Please fix this. My phones connect just fine. The iPad has the perpetual loading screen

Works with iOS 12 if...

Like many of you, my app was not working with iOS 12. Delete the app and reinstall it. Not sure why, but it fixed the issue (and often resolves similar issues with other problematic apps).

Bad update

Doesn’t work on iPhone 8+ iOS 12 either.

iOS12 works for me

I had the same issue everyone else had with the app just sitting there with a spinning circle after updating to iOS 12. I had to remove the app and then reinstall it from the App Store and now it works just fine. I would like to see a way to change the times when you are using a remote sensor. We run a smaller AC in the bedroom at night so we don’t need to run the central air. We use the Nest Temperature Sensor in there that keeps the central AC from running. I didn’t set a schedule because I still want the central AC to take over should something happen to my smaller AC. But the “Night” time is hard coded to use 9pm to 7am. I’m awake at 6am usually and that means either I have to manually override the thermostat or just sweat my bit off for an hour when the main Nest takes back over.

Not connecting at all

Bugged version. Not connecting to the thermostats at all


The last update for ios12 does not work. It just slims.

Update to not loaded

Since the update I have not been able to access my nest app. Now even when I’m home I get alerts about someone in my house. Please fix

Don’t update !

It kills what worked before.

Needs a widget

I would have given 5 stars but for the lack of a widget and a clear indicator that it’s cooling or heating, and I can’t seem to get it to work on the Apple Watch. I’ve searched and checked all my options. But the app on the watch just shuts itself down after I tap on it. Other than those things it works pretty well from what I can see.

Not good on IiOS 12

Does not work on an iPad Pro running iOS 12. Light ring just spins on the app. Works on iPhone X running iOS 12.

Broken update

After the most recent update, the (previously glitchy, and poorly designed) app no longer will load. It’s disappointing that the $100 a year subscription that I pay is going to waste. DONT BUY NEST PRODUCTS! You’re better off just setting your money on fire.

Does not work with ios 12

Does not work with ios 12. Just get the spinning wheel of death.

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